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Ace Attorney (Movie) – Trailer

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Everyone in the geek world should already know who the hell Takeshi Miike is, if you don’t I’ll wait for you to run out and rent Ichi the Killer. Go ahead, I have all day.

Turns out the director for the new Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban) Movie is going to be none other than Mr. Miike. It seems that he’s directing this one right on the money as you can easily see many of the game’s characters being represented in this short, yet awesome, trailer. Keep an eye open for the following checklist of characters: Manfred Von Karma, Larry Butz, Maya, and Detective Dick Gumshoe

I don’t doubt that this will be an excellent translation from videogame to movie, as Japan seems to be able to make live action versions of games, anime, manga in the right way (except Gunhed :shudder:). I only wonder if/when this film will get either a dub or sub version for the states.

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