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An Absolutely Fine Time at Rose City Comic Con

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I had a great time at Rose City Comic Con! Fun exclusives! Awesome panels! Meaningful fan interactions! Fun after party! Sweet commission! Yes! It was full of exclamation points!

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If you’ve read my prior con reports, you’ll have noticed a few things. One, I like panels. Two, certain corners of the internet would consider me a “Social Justice Warrior” because Feminism. And three, I’m fairly critical about aspects of events that I feel were poorly organized. In that regard, I hope that is why you are turning in for this one.

Ms. Marvel cosplay at Rose City Comic Con

Ms. Marvel cosplay at Rose City Comic Con

My plan of attack for events is always ambitious. Rose City was no different. But I am happy to say that I hit most of those “to-dos” and had a blast doing it. There were a few unexpected events too (like tagging along with a Valkyrie friend to chat with Kelly Sue DeConnick over coffee) that altered my plans. In summary, here’s what I accomplished:

  • Aubrey Aiese signed my Rose City Comic Con Exclusive of Lumberjanes #6! I also picked up a few Lumberjanes variant covers at the BOOM! Studios table.
  • Panels: IMAGE: I is for Immediate and Deconstructing Pretty Deadly on Saturday and then Dark Horse Manga: An Afternoon with Carl Horn and Secret Identity Politics with Ben Saunders on Sunday.
  • Nicholas Brendan to signed some Dark Horse comics (keep an eye on the WatchPlayRead Facebook page to win these signed issues of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 issues #3 and #7).
  • Talked with Jim Zub about Wayard, which I need to review ASAP, and had Zub and Erik Larsen sign the Rose City Comic Con Exclusive edition of Wayward. We’ll also be giving one of those away on Facebooks too!
  • Dylan Meconis, creator of Bite Me! A Vampire Farce and Out Foxed, drew Irene Adler to complement the Sherlock Holmes commission she did for me a few years ago. I can’t wait to frame them together!
  • Picked up the Boilerplate 24-hour comic by Paul Guinan. If you aren’t familiar with Boilerplate, fix that right away here. I also bought a copy of the Heartbreakers and Boilerplate crossover comic.

I chatted briefly with Greg Rucka about this sentiment that I’ve been hearing more often from male friends and acquaintances, “Now that I have a daughter, I’m concerned about content of comics.” I find this statement under-whelming and was pretty sure Rucka would back me up on that reaction (he did). My take is that most men have women in their lives prior to a daughter who also deserve better representation in comics or other media. Objectification, “fridging,” and vacuous female characters  should have been bothering you before now in honor of the women in your life. I don’t believe that just because you now are looking critically at what your daughter sees and consumes in comics, or in media generally, gives you a pass on not caring about it before hand. So if you tell me this statement as a “Hey, I’m on your team” moment and I give you some side-eye, you now know why.

One other highlight of the Artist Alley was buying the hardcover Sex Criminals from Matt Fraction. Not only is he incredibly nice and very funny, but he’s very comfortable with the subject matter he writes. Each copy of Sex Criminals got a squirt of white out along with a signature. Kind of hilarious. It might offend some, but if you’re familiar with Sex Criminals and the letters column, you shouldn’t be surprised.

WatchPlayRead Editor, Jasen, and I went to the Dark Horse After Party at Dante’s to check out the bands and support The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. CBLDF and Dark Horse had a raffle for some amazing prize packs. After a donation to CBLDF, I was feeling good about having a good chunk of raffle tickets in my pocket. Alas, my number was not called and I was extremely jealous of the guy who walked out with all the fancy hard back editions of Hellboy. There is always next year.

Spiderwoman coplay at Rose City Comic Con

Spiderwoman coplay at Rose City Comic Con


On Sunday, I met Lucy, who was wearing Spiderwoman cosplay. We chatted a bit while waiting for a panel and I was happy to hear that no one asked her to pose like that Milo Manara variant cover.

Really, I have no complaints about this event. It was fun from start to finish. Maybe the room for the Identity Politics panel was too small for its popularity. But that happens everywhere. And, I did change up my approach from previous cons last weekend as well.

What was different for me about Rose City Comic Con? I did not set foot in the celeb photo op or autograph area. What? What? What? Well, at Phoenix and Emerald City, I spent way too much convention time in line waiting for a 20 second greeting or a 3 second photo-op. I love seeing celebs at conventions. However, with only two days at Rose City , I did not want to get lost in autograph collecting. I am showing a leopard can change her spots and retool priorities.

The two-day convention was a breath of fresh air. Since conventions keep growing in the span of days (and often square footage), I loved that RCCC is two days. Not only did it allow me to enjoy the con without approaching physical exhaustion; I was also able to stay within budget on the con floor as well as food and hotel.

This was my first time to Rose City Comic Con and I can’t wait to go back! I only hope that it doesn’t change too much over the next 12 months. Yet, we all know of the mounting popularity of “geek” in our culture and these events grow to meet demand. I hope to have one more year of Rose City as it was this year with interesting panels, reasonable access to creators, and a fantastic crowd.

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