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A Weird Kid’s Top 10 — Games That Deserved Sequels

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It’s rather unfortunate for us gamers, in that we aren’t as lucky as fans of books, music, or movies just for the fact that the majority of games released will never ever see a sequel. Even if there is fan support and we think that it would be a good idea and that they ‘deserve’ one, it’s more likely than not that it won’t.

In planning this top ten, I wanted to establish a few criteria:

  • The game had to be the only one of its series
  • No sequels rumored or planned
  • No sequels that do exist

So with that, let’s get started on the topic and the victim of today’s top 10, my list of the games that are beloved by me (among others) and that I think are deserve a sequel. I’ll see you at the end.


The premise for this game was that you are a long-tailed weasel (Spanx) that is trying to escape from a product testing facility that does live tests on animals.

(Un)Fortunately for you, you wind up chained to a white rabbit (Redmond) that has become indestructible thanks to all of the products that have been tested on him.

Sure, it was your run-of-the-mill platformer, but the ability to use Redmond in any way you could think of gave it a depth that is sadly missing from many of the platformers nowadays.

Its sales were lackluster due to it being a near Christmas release that mainly slipped under the radar. However, I highly suggest checking it out. It may not be the best game you’ll play, but it has some awesome moments and great gameplay.

The Guardian Legend

This was perhaps, my favorite shooter/adventure game for the NES, the only problem is that it wasn’t really noticed by most gamers of the time.

The game was divided into 2 distinct sections:

First, you had the shooter sections where you’d go through an area shooting shit up and collecting ‘chips’ that were the currency in-game. IMO, the shooter sections were pretty damn solid and fun to play.

Next, there was an epic adventuring section (ala The Legend of Zelda and StarTropics). You’d go around clearing sections of enemies and blowing up item boxes, then you’d enter screens where you could shop, and others that would take you to your next shooter stage.

I remember picking this game up about 8 years ago and spending an entire day beating it. I mean, completely kicking the game’s ass. As I recall, I walked from it completely satisfied I had made a good purchase…unlike many of my other NES games.

Vice: Project Doom

This game was a great mixture of Spy Hunter and Ninja Gaiden, and was fairly difficult if I remember correctly. The action is your standard fare for a side-scroller, yet it gained points for being an amazing NES game.

I feel that it deserves a sequel because it was a roller-coaster ride from the beginning to the end. When I think about this game’s company, it makes me a bit sad, Sammy (the original creator/publisher) had plans to have it show up on the Virtual Console but since they no longer exist as a company, who can release it ever?


The same group responsible for the Panzer Dragoon series made this awesome game which is basically a mix of music of on-the-rails shooter and rhythm game. It was a brilliant game which we lucky Xbox 360 owners got an HD remade version a year or so ago.

A sequel for this game would be awesome, but I honestly don’t know how they would make it, maybe another visit to the K-Project system and rebooting Eden all over again? I dunno, but we definitely need to see more from this company.


This is truly one of my favorite shooters of all time that really does deserve a sequel, though I highly doubt that Square-Enix (with their navel-gazing selves) will ever make one.

It’s sad really, there are many games that Square in the mid 90s will never see the light of day in a sequel, but this one rates close to Ikaruga as one of the best shooters I’ve ever played. It’s that good.


Go out and play Psychonauts now! No, really…you have no excuse. Shit you can even get it in the XBL Marketplace, go now, stop reading and go buy it.

Man, what an awesome game, amirite? It’s too bad that it’s another game that flew under the radar.

Tim Schafer, the genius behind many other graphical adventure games at LucasArts, made this awesome platformer that blended life at a summer camp with psychic powered students and wildlife, with a battle through an asylum. It may not be the best game ever, but damnit this one deserves a sequel just from its pedigree.

Vagrant Story

This was one of the most interesting JRPGs to come out of Squaresoft during the end of the PlayStation’s lifespan.

It was a solo dungeon crawler like Diablo, that had great storytelling, amazing cutscenes with stylized characters, plenty of hard puzzles, and platforming elements all in one package.

The game takes place in Ivalice, the same world and environment as Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics. Though the difference being that instead of plenty of over world, you get to see the more grim albeit beautiful side of Yasumi Matsuno’s creative mind in the dungeons he crafted.

Jet Force Gemini

It was around this time in the N64’s life that Rare decided that they were bored making simplistic games that appealed to everyone.

The case in point for this move is Jet Force Gemini. Not only was the game pretty to look and a hell of a good time to play, it was dotted with extreme violence in where cute things get blown to bits.

The story of the game was good, but the shining part of JFG was the graphics combined with the gameplay. Had the game accepted the 4MB expansion card, I’m sure it would have been legendary.

Wild 9

This is just a guess…there are many of you have never played this game.

This charming platformer was brought to us by the twisted minds of Shiny and Interplay and stars you as the main character Wex who uses his ‘rig’ to manipulate the items around him.

The gameplay in this game was nothing short of amazing, there was a ton of platforming but also a fair amount puzzling bits that you had to solve. You can’t cross that pit of spikes? Just throw a baddie on it and cross using his body. You can’t get past that fan blocking your way? You got it, chuck bad guys into the fan until it stops working.

Radiant Silvergun

It’s probably not fair of me to put an import game on this list, but you don’t understand how good of a game this shooter is.

It is seriously the best damn shooter that I have ever played from Japan. Not only were there no power-ups for you to collect, but you also start with a full arsenal of weapons.

Its how you utilize these weapons in different combinations that determines your success with this game. Every situation in the game has a “right weapon” for you to use, but figuring out which you should use is the trick. Many people consider this to be the spiritual progenitor to the awesomeness that is Ikaruga, but is has never been declared its true prequel.

Incredible Crisis

Usually I put something funny here at the end as my number zero, but this time I just wanted a game that I thought was pretty fun that I’d like to see here that doesn’t quite belong.

Because there are so many other games that deserve a serious place on this list, I thought I’d just bring to your attention a game that was just quirky.

This game found you taking the role of a family having what was quite possibly the worst day you could have, ever. It involves you helping them survive it by playing a somewhat stylized party game, with tons of mini games. This was just a lot of fun, but at the same time completely frustrating because some of the games were just irritating. I’d like to see a port of this on the Wii one of these days maybe.

Well, this concludes yet another Weird Kid’s Top 10 list. I hope you all enjoyed reading it. I know for certain that there are many of you out there that will disagree with some of my choices for this list, but keep in mind that this is in no way a definitive listing nor is it meant to be taken seriously. Its all for fun, just enjoy reading and take something away with you or leave a comment if you so wish.

If you have a particular Top 10 that you’d like to see email me, and I’d be happy to oblige. Thank you again for reading. See you again next time!

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