A Small Story about a Tiny Tyke in Little King’s Story

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Here’s a story about a lucky lad, who was befriended by three enchanting people.  The lad had hair kind of like gold, but no one was in curls.  Instead, all were involved with a thirty-five year long trial involving a small kingdom, a magical crown, and plans of world domination!  Yes, a small child is placed in charge of not only ruling over an entire kingdom, but with the not so little task of conquering the world.  Is this an odd game?  Yes.  Is this a good game?  You didn’t think I would tell you that so soon, did you?

Here are a bunch of different classes in the Royal Guard (the animal hunters have kitty ears)

The first thing you have to be made aware of is the oddly addictive essence within Litte King’s Story.  It could be the unique art style found within the cut scenes, the laughable languages spoken in different lands, or the fact that this is a cross between Pikmin and Overlord.  I simply can’t choose between either of these, due to the fact that they all make this game stand out like a sore thumb.  Such a unique phrase has to be used for this game becuase this game will most likely have two spectrums for people to shine under.  Meaning, people will either furiously fling their Wii-motes in digust and declare the game sucks or become fans and demand that this become a series along the lines of Harvest Moon.  I found myself bouncing back and forth across the line drawn in the sand between these sides, though I did find myself leaning more towards the side of being a fan rather than being furious.  One example of why I can not choose one or the other, take the way money, represented in game as a currency called Gol, is shown.  You never seem to see one million Gol, but rather 1000,000 Gol.  Intriguing, irritating, inticing, and infuriating all at the same time.

Sweet castle, but WTF on the amount of money

Before it was written that this game is a mix between Pikmin and Overlord.  You may not believe me, but after trying Little King’s Story, you will agree.  Not necessarily a mix concernign graphics, rather looking closer to Pikmin but playing a bit similar to Overlord.  A visual style similar to the Harvest Moon series, and other off-the-beaten-path RPG’s.  But, a gameplay style of hauling along your Royal Guard (minions), sending them along a straight line to do your bidding, and forcing them to into battle with big bosses.  But, unlike Overlord, your Royal Guard is, for lack of a better word, hopeless.  Even simple tasks, such as walking up a ramp, can prove to be extremely difficult.  Unless you don’t mind leaving behind, temporarily, a few of your so called loyal soldiers, merchants, children, chefs, farmers, animal hunters, and other available career choices for you to force upon your citizens.  One thing did happen that I thought shouldn’t have occured.  The AI for your faithful followers is on such a low scale, that I think I lost actual intelligence while attempting to perform the simplest task.

While I may be stuck on the fence on whether to keep this game in my greedy palms, I have to make the suggestion to anyone to at least try the game.  Looking for that one game to start a free trial of GameFly?  Got a free rental at your local dying Hollywood Video or Blockbuster?  Check out Little King’s Story!  Yeah, I sound like I’m selling out but I’m not.  The game is at least worth looking at, because it is pretty and cute.  Yeah, I said cute.  Deal with it!

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