A Rumour Springs About New Alan Wake Title

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A trusted source of XBLAFans is claiming that the new Alan Wake title will be called Night Springs. The source has seen screenshots for this new XBLA title, but has chosen to not to show them at this time. While it could easily be a fake rumour, XBLAFans were the first to mention the recently confirmed Gotham City Imposters. Remedy have previously said that this title would not be Alan Wake 2 or DLC, so an XBLA game does make sense.

Night Springs is a television show inside the world of Alan Wake which is a direct homage to The Twilight Zone. Multiple short episodes could be found within the game, and each had their own self contained story where something out of the ordinary happened, just like The Twilight Zone. It would certainly make for an interesting game premise if this particular rumour is true.

Source: XBLAFans

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