Ryan Wilson

A Quick Warning to US Buyers of Rock Band 3 Today

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Before you head out the door to your local game store with the necessary $129.99 in your pocket, heed this warning: if you want the PlayStation 3 version, grab another ten bucks.

Why’s that? The PlayStation 3 version of the game will not be available as a bundle. “Agreement terms in the region” are listed as the sole reason for this, so I’m as confused as you are. Preorders are safe from this inconvenience, as many retailers will still honor the preorder pricing as an ala carte bundle.

Also, as a secondary warning, let me remind you that the Pro Guitar and Bass modes will be unavailable to play for another three weeks, as the necessary peripherals are set to hit the market on November 16th. Pro Mode of the drums and keyboard, however, will be available to play today.

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