A Payneful Review: MWN Reviews Max Payne

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This past weekend myself, my roommate and a couple of our friends went to see Max Payne. Now, being the only gamer in the group that has played the game, I was able to look at it from a different perspective than they did. But I went into this movie knowing it wouldn’t be exactly like the game and so prepared myself for a action/cop movie that is based upon one of the greatest games I have ever played. For those of you living under a rock, here’s the preview trailer.

Now that you have watched that, hit the link for my impression.

That trailer gives you the impression that you are about to watch not only an amazing action flick, but a bit of an artsy film too. Wahlberg’s monologue as he sank, his flashbacks to his family’s murder, everything about this film really pumped me up.

Then I saw the film. And I’m pissed off again after watching that trailer.

It’s no Uwe Boll film, that’s for damn sure, but it’s definitely not a good one either. If you look at it from the perspective of a gamer, you will want to avoid this film. It does nothing to follow the storyline of the game. In fact, the only connections to the game the movie has is the character names, Valkyr, Aesir and Max’s background. Other than that, it’s completely different.

Wahlberg was a good choice for Max. Donal Logue did a decent job as Alex Balder but what the director was thinking putting Chris Bridges(Ludacris) as Jim Bravura, police chief and Mila Kunis as Mona Sax I’ll never understand. Bridges isn’t a bad actor, but he was just out of place. Not to mention his character went from being police chief in the game to a internal investigator in the movie. Scenes with Kunis were just awkward because I could never think of her as anyone but Jackie from That 70’s Show.

The story is similar but different than the game. Yes there is a drug and yes Max’s family is murdered and yes the drug and the murders pushes Max to transfer to the Cold Cases department. But he never goes undercover like he was in the game. Instead his ex partner, Alex Balder, is still an undercover cop. Max is framed for Alex’s murder, that’s true, but the outcome of that set up is very different from the movie. Max never truly goes on a vigilante killing spree, in fact his good friend BB Hensley, by Beau Bridges, is in constant contact with him the entire time. And another thing, they never used Max’s internal monologues. The one you hear in the trailer with him sinking in the water was it. One monologue for a game adaptation that told it’s story through monologues. Jeez.

The movie had a runtime of about an hour and a half but if felt much longer. There was one point my friend whispered to me, “How much longer is this?” We had only been there for 45 minutes. The movie is slow to develop, very much anti-climatic in it’s action scenes, and completely pointless in some of the directions it takes. It’s like the director didn’t know exactly what he was shooting. I wondered if he had every actually played the game or not. Oh, and those action scenes I mentioned? There are two of them in the entire film. TWO!!! For a game that was all about awesome gunfights, we get TWO very anti-climatic and frankly boring action scenes.

They really let the ball drop on this one. To pick Max Payne, a game that had some of the best dialogue and story-telling of any game ever, and then turn it into ths garbage I was forced to sit through, just shows how much they failed to truly take advantage of what they had. This trailer makes this film look like a contender for movie of the year and I was really expecting to get blown away by the amazing gun fights and awesome monologues. This movie really deserves the title of “Biggest Letdown of the Year”. God this just pisses me off.

BigPopa’s Score: EPIC FAIL

Next movie on the agenda: Saw V

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