PS Move Ape Escape game is coming to PSN this summer

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I can’t think of a better way to get people more accustomed to the Playstation Move than using the very series that introduced people to the potential of the Dualshock controller. This summer you’ll be able to wave your virtual ape-catching net around with your PS Move wand and hopefully take part in some mad-cap antics involving apes and calamity. The game will be downloadable from the PSN and will reportedly include 15 levels for you to hunt down those infamous apes, using a variety of strange tools and gadgets. It’s cool to see the Ape Escape series continuing on and taking advantage of some new peripherals. I actually wish I had the PS Move setup just so I could play this game. Catching the little apes is really just that much fun.

I had a blast with the original Ape Escape on the PS1 and I actually popped it in my PS3 just the other day to goof around for a bit. It still kicks ass and is one of the most charming games ever made. I really wish people would get it straight though… every time I hear something about the series, apes and monkeys are always mentioned. I hate to be that guy… but apes are not the same as monkeys. I don’t know if some of those “apes” are hiding tails under their little shorts, which would make some of them monkeys… but it is just strange to see them talked about as basically the same thing. I may just be making a big deal out of nothing, but hey… come on now. Call it “Monkey Escape” if that’s what it is!

SOURCE: Playstation Blog

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