A Movie to Die for: Saw V Review

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For five years now I have kept a personal streak of mine going. Every October I have looked forward to two things. 1. Halloween – to see how slutty some girls dress and no one says a thing, and 2. for the new installment in the Saw series. This year marked the fifth year I have been going to see these movies on opening weekend and I look forward to them every year.

So needless to say, I was very excited to go see Saw V. Even though I think they are milking the series a little bit, the sold out shows on opening night told me these films were becoming more than just popular amongst the horror fans and had become a Halloween tradition for many people. Both myself and Xopher Reed saw it so our opinions are both here.  So how did our expectations stack up this year? Click on the link and listen to the message.

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The hand of Whannel and Wan, the creators of the original Saw, are definitely apparent in this film compared to Saw IV. The story-telling was MUCH improved over the fourth installment and even the directing felt more like Wan himself was doing it. At least they got a new director in David Hackl to breathe a little bit of life. Not that Darren Bousman hadn’t done a good job with II-IV, but it was time for a change.

The story continues along with Agent Strahm(Scott Patterson) and his obsession in proving that Detective Hoffman has been Jigsaw’s accomplice all along. This obsession will take him along a path that ultimately ends like most obsessions do; in pain and misery. I can’t say much on the details without spoiling it for those of that are either too lazy or too poor to see it yet so I’ll end there. Here’s a hint though, this movie is worth not eating at Wendy’s this week.

The main traps/tests are some of the most brilliant we have seen in the entire series. It pits five people through four rooms, testing their will to survive and boy is the twist at the end of those traps awesome to see.

What I am most sad about is the realization that this series is coming to a close. There is really only one or two loose ends to tie up and then the story will be complete, or as maybe Jigsaw would say, the puzzle has all the pieces now. After Saw VI, I’m really not sure what I’m going to do with myself for Halloween. These films have truly been some of the best horror films to come out. If you are a fan of horror/suspense films and you have seen all of the others, give this one a chance. I promise you, it is leaps and bounds better than Saw IV.


When someone goes to a Saw movie, you expect a few things.

First, you expect for the movie to have some gruesome torture scenes.

Saw V does not disappoint. From the opening scene where a man is being held under a pendulum and will die if he doesn’t choose first to crush his hands, to the very last scene that reminds me of something straight out of Army of Darkness or Star Wars (crushing walls FTW!).

Second, you expect to be entertained in-between the scenes of said torture.

The story in Saw V is better than most of the other Saw movies that have come and gone in their yearly ritual and is almost reminiscent of the orignal Saw in its approach to the characters playing cat and mouse.

Third, it has to have Tobin Bell in it somewhere, in some capacity.

Yes, we all know that he dies at the end of Saw III and has his acolyte that was revealed in Saw IV must carry on his plan. At least in this movie we get to understand one of the finer points of Jigsaw’s plans for ‘rehabilitation’ as he explains to his newest student how you must “give them a chance, but if you know human behavior then there is nothing left to chance.”

Finally, there has to be a twist, always…

You know it’s coming and you guess and question every moment of the film leading up to the penultimate scene where the music swells and you wonder whats going to happen. Saw V was gracious enough to provide two, count them 2 twists that make you think out loud “Why didn’t I see THAT coming?!?”

From what I’ve seen, the Saw series is one that you either love or hate, I fall in the former group. Me any my wife look forward to October every year so we can go out on our date to watch the latest Saw movie, knowing full well that we will at least be entertained. It’s my opinion that the Saw movies at this point are critic-proof. It will most likely never win critical praise from most newspaper reviews or online reviews, but from regular guys like me and Popa who go to these movies in order to be entertained, I’d have to give it a real hearty thumbs up.

Let’s face it, if you’ve seen all the other movies in the series, chances are that you will watch and enjoy this one. But, if you can’t stand the Saw movies, it’re more than likely that you won’t be able to stomach this movie either.

Final Word: Either watch it or don’t, but I loved it.

Also, here are some funny Saw videos in case you like that kind of stuff.

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