A little bit more Max Payne 3 info for you

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It’s been a while since anyone has heard anything regarding Max Payne 3, but EDGE brings us a little more than we have. So… at least it’s something! Rockstar is apparently promising a “sophisticated” Max Payne game. Rockstar Vancouver has stated gamers are expecting a little more from the series these days than they expected from it back in 2001 when it was first introduced to the world. I would have to agree with them. As much fun as running around and diving all over the place in slow motion is, it would be nice to have some substance to back it up. Now I’m not saying the first two Max Payne games were lacking in substance… in their day. They got the job done and told gritty, sometimes creepy stories, but It would be nice to see the game get the royal treatment that Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV got, as far as budgets, talent, and polish go.

So far Rockstar seems to have a lot of faith in the game. It sounds like there will be a huge emphasis on the Euphoria tech used in both GTA IV and RDR. They’re saying they want to take the Euphoria and NaturalMotion tech beyond what they did with it in RDR. I’m pretty interested to see how they are going to do that. The tech was used in such in incredible way in RDR. It will be cool to see them really just take things to the next level. Rockstar is also aiming to keep the game a more linear experience, but trying to maximize the excitement people can get from a linear experience with making varied environments and keeping things exciting.

I know Rockstar will deliver something pretty awesome when Max Payne 3 hits. I’ve always been a big believer in their work and this will be no different, I’m sure.


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