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A Lincoln to the Past Podcast, Episode 10

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Pre-Thanksgiving Episode! Where, we didn’t talk about Thanksgiving, sorry, I tricked you. /cackles evilly/ We did have fun though, and guess what! Lincoln is defying all the stereotypes of 5 year olds as slackers and leaches of their parents, a bad economy (and government child labor laws) and got himself a job on his own.

Actual picture of 5 year old Lincoln working in a coal mine, maybe.

    This week we talked about super important things:

  • Beating Ninja Turtles on the NES
  • Lincoln got his fist job
  • Listener Questions!
  • FOOTBALL, of course

Plus a bunch of random things that Lincoln pulled out of nowhere to talk about. We had fun recording this episode, and as this continues to be our “thing” I can’t help but smile at how well it’s been progressing. If you guys ever have anything you think we should be talking about, just let me know, I’m always open for suggestions if it’s reasonable.

Give us a listen, leave some comments for us here if you have questions you want to ask us for the next recording you can email me also with this in the subject line Lincoln to the Past

Intro song by: Evan Burkey

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