Ryan Thomason

A Lincoln to the Past, Podcast #15

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Our first podcast in video!

Ok, our first mp3 with a single static image video that I posted on our youtube channel. Sorry folks, I’m just not ready to introduce my 5 year old to the internet, especially Youtube with a full on video format. Coming soon though will be a show logo being created by WPR resident artist Jessica Totten!

This episode we talked about, well, the random conversations that just happen when you’re trying to get a 5 year old to stay sane for 25 straight minutes. Enjoy! Also, turn up your volume after the intro song by Evan Burkey, I didn’t realize the mic volume was on so low.

This is my first time attempting something in a mp3/static image format so I apologize, I’ll have the kinks worked out by the next recording.

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