Ryan Thomason

A Lincoln to the Past, Episode #14

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We love Dominic Monaghan, and other…stuff!


First, I want to thank our sponsor Doghouse Systems! Go check out the incredibly awesome computers that Doghouse Systems make, and when you’re done your order, put WPR in as the coupon code and get Double the Memory on your purchase! These machines are beasts and they’ll handle anything you throw at them. Just check ’em out.

Now, I want to apologize for the incredibly poor audio quality on this podcast (turn your volume way, way up) We recorded it as a video with my GoPro Camera, and then I ripped the audio from it with the Reaper Program. I tried pumping up the volume levels, but it just got wonky with my basic audio skills. I’m working on getting a new cord for my Mic and hopefully we can go back to doing weekly podcasts that you can actually hear. If anybody has suggestions, please email me!

    This week we talked about some super important things:

  • Air Hockey
  • Terra Tempo Graphic Novel

If you guys ever have anything you think we should be talking about, just let me know, I’m always open for suggestions if it’s reasonable.

Give us a listen, leave some comments for us here if you have questions you want to ask us for the next recording you can email me also with this in the subject line Lincoln to the Past

Intro song by: Evan Burkey

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If you can’t get the player to work, or if you just want to download a copy of the show to your computer the old fashioned way, RIGHT CLICK ME and open in new tab or click ‘save as’.

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