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A Lincoln to the Past: Episode 04

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Has it been a week already? Can you handle more Lincoln to the Past Podcast? You better, since I have your new episode.

Greetings everyone! Here is a new episode for your earholes! This week we talked LISTENER QUESTIONS!, SPAAACE!, ANIMALS!, and other things that really require caps and exclamation points. Oh, and Red Pandas are DAMN CUTE. We truly love all the support and want to thank everyone for still listening to a father talk with his 4 year old son about random stuff while one of them tries their hardest to stay awake way past their bedtime. You can guess which one of us that is.

Give us a listen, leave some comments for us here if you have questions you want to ask us for the next recording you can email me also with this in the subject line Lincoln to the Past

Intro song by: Evan Burkey

If you can’t get the player to work, or if you just want to download a copy of the show to your computer the old fashioned way, RIGHT CLICK ME and open in new tab or click ‘save as’.

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