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A Hangover Cure Proven by Science!

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Most everyone on this site has been through it. You go out and you have a good night with your friends and the next thing you know, you’ve had one too many and end up spending the next day nursing your mind and body back to health. Luckily science is always working on finding a way to cheat the system.

I’ve kinda always had an inkling that there was one sure fire way to cure oneself of having a hangover, but you don’t have to take my word for it. A researcher at Thomas Jefferson University has found the one true method for curing the ‘morning after’…and it was the common rat who did the hard work.

He gave the rats straight ethanol which brought on headaches thanks to the acetate it produces when their bodies would digest it. He noticed that the acetate affected some rats more than others.

What he noticed in his study is that dehydration wasn’t the cause of the rats having hangovers because they were perfectly hydrated the entire time. I’ll repeat that, dehydrations isn’t to blame for your hangover headache!

What he ended up doing was giving them doses of caffeine and anti-inflammatory medicine like aspirin which ended up relieving the rats of their headaches.

There you have it, some coffee and aspirin will do wonders to help you the day after a good binge.

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