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A Good Day to Die Hard – Movie Review

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What do you expect from a Die Hard movie? It’s: ‘Splosions, large body counts of dead scumbags, glass shards every where, and one liners, Oh, the liners. You get:


If you’re going into this movie without a bare minimum high bar expectations of the above, then you’re going to entertained, Yippi Ki-yay Mother Russia. John McClane is in Russia, he thinks his loser of a son is worth trying to bail out of a Russian jail. Little does he know that his son actually has motives for being there. Thus setting off a lovable father/son bonding movie of masculine proportions. Seriously, I can’t wait for the day where my son Lincoln and I are pulling guns out of a trunk of some beat up Russian car, casually having a bonding/stuff I want to say in case we die talk before we go kill a whole pile of scumbags and save the day.

Ok, maybe my actual expectations of father/son bonding is different, but I’m no McClane.


One thing I’ve always enjoyed about Die Hard movies, besides the stuff mentioned in my opening paragraph, is that the writers seem to just know that people who see these movies, shove aside all care for what is realistically possible and just beats the living crap out of John McClane (and his son) but they keep grunting the pain off and going back for more. Another thing I liked, that if you’re a Die Hard fan, there are just the little moments where they tip their hat to previous (well, the first couple of movies) that had half the audience chuckling, while everyone else missed the joke/reference. Do some homework and have yourself a little Die Hard marathon.

I was incredibly entertained, my father in law that went as my guest, said the same thing. You don’t go to see a Die Hard movie for the theatrical score, or the cinematography, guess what? It’s DIE HARD. Are you unsure if the plot has some holes in it? Guess what? It’s DIE HARD. Nobody would seriously survive that? Guess what? It’s DIE HARD. Yes, Bruce Willis is looking a bit on the old side, but really who gives a crap, DIE HARD.


You know what you’re going to get, and it delivers, ’nuff said?


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