A Girls Night with Magic Mike

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Magic Mike is incredibly entertaining. It is a must see for all ladies looking for a little fun!

It is the story of Mike, the star stripper who befriends a young man struggling to make it after dropping out of college. Mike (Channing Tatum) and Adam (Alex Pettyfer) join several other men on stage to dance, strip, and thoroughly entertain the women of Tampa. The first half is lots of skin, screaming, and dollar bills, it is only when Adam gets himself in trouble that the other side of this lifestyle begins to take hold.

This film is obviously geared towards the ladies but does offer some male targeted humor and the occasional semi naked woman. Tatum’s performance is electrifying on stage and off. Tatum’s dance moves are impressive and his softer serious side is a nice addition to the character. Matthew McConaughey is fantastic as Dallas, the aging owner of the club. Towards the end of the film McConaughey actually partakes in the stripping and gives a performance not to be missed. Fans of Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, and Kevin Nash will be disappointed by the screen time these men have. While they are featured in several dance sequences they severely lack dialogue and non-stripping scenes. Then again, who cares about dialogue when you can see Matt Bomer in a thong.

Overall this was a thoroughly enjoyable movie. It definitely is an awesome way to spend a little time with your friends. So succumb to the magic of Magic Mike and witness the irresistible shaking and gyrating…just be careful throwing dollars at the screen!
On a special note…Ladies, if you are there for the “money” shot, DO NOT BLINK in the first 30 seconds of the movie! Enjoy!

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