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A Conversation about Falling Skies – Season 3

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Falling Skies, Season 3 has met its conclusion this past Sunday on TNT. The show has already been renewed for a 4th season, so, there is that. Right? Brian West will be joining me as we go back and forth about the finale for this season and what we think the impact that the story will haves now on the series going forward. Things will be spoiled, so if you want to cover your eyes and run away, I suggest doing so now.

Falling Skies -- Season 03, Episode 09 -- "Brazil" -- Pictured: Will Patton

Spoilers Ahoy!

Alright, Brian. I’ll say this, the finale did have some redeeming qualities and revelations. But, it didn’t have the impact that the Season 2 Finale had on me. This felt like any other episode from this season, except that more things got accomplished. When Tom and crew were sailing on that boat toward the Esphini base, and blew off the leg in the first 10 minutes. I was sitting there thinking “Well, the Volm are going to land now and really piss off the humans.” Which, they did. Landed RIGHT ON TOP OF THE BLOWN UP CITY/TOWER. I laughed so damn hard.

Brian West

I’m right there with you Ryan, the Volm landing right on top of the Esphini base was classic. It was a great visual showing in essence what the volm have come to earth to do, crush the Esphini. I do wish the Esphini would’ve put up more of a fight though, considering they spent the entire season trying to stop this exact event from happening. Call me crazy but leaving just two planes to defend a pivotal tower, and having only three mechs there to stop Weaver and his perennial band of decoys seems kinda stupid. The whole beginning was seriously anti-climatic. Unfortunately the finale is a lot like all of season 3, a lot of good drama, but even more head scratching moments. After the Return of the Jedi style victory celebration (minus the ewoks of course), we do finally get to find out more about the Volm. Guess what? Pope was finally right, they’re are bunch of dicks.

Ryan Thomason

You’re right, the Volm landing was very symbolic of them essentially replacing the Espheni as the new big dog aliens in town. Though, I could kind of understand what the Volm Military Commander was saying when he was holding Tom in a cell to talk to him. Humans are apparently the first race they’ve come to “liberate” that wasn’t enthusiastic about relocation and trying to continue fighting against the Espheni. I was expecting some boring speech from Tom about it, but we only got a boring quick run-through. While I’m glad the Volm changed their mind about relocation, I’m wondering what kind of an impact this is going to have on next season. Especially after toward the end of the episode, when Karen finally has a face to face with everyone and asks for an open ended deal to keep some kind of a string of truce.

Then Tom shot her in the frigging stomach. Good job, Tom. I don’t know why he waited so long.

Brian West

FS_Brasil2Ryan, when Tom shot Karen, I almost started cheering. This was my favorite moment from the season three finale. When Karen showed up waving the white flag I thought for just a split second that Tom would be Tom and make some kind of peace with her for the good of the group. Instead he did the smart thing, he shot her. It was great to see Tom not hesitate and just pull that trigger. I’m glad he didn’t kill her though, it would’ve robbed us of getting to see Maggie put the final round into Karen. Letting Karen have one last touching moment with Hal was kinda corny, having Maggie shoot Karen right in the middle of that touching moment was priceless. Letting both Tom and Maggie end Karen gave both characters a chance at some closure. As far as the volm go, I still think the juries out on them. While I believe they do want to liberate the human from the Esphini, I think they might still end up being just as big of a threat. The relationship between the humans and the volm should be one of the more interesting plot lines to watch next season. Speaking of interesting plotlines… Anne and Lexy being alive hopefully surprised no one, Lexy now a six year old with the power to control Esphini tech? I didn’t see that one coming. I figured the alien/human hybrid story would end up being a carry over into next season, but that last scene, damn what a great cliffhanger.

Ryan Thomason

But! Is Anne/Lexy on the human side? Anne seemed too happy to me at the end when Tom found her, and she introduced their daughter. Though, Lexy showing them that yeah, she can control Esphreni tech might throw them through a loop, is she with them or against them? They did WAY too much of that this season, and I sincerely hope they move away from that next season when the Humans are trying to get back to Charleston to tell the rest of the resistance that the Volm are now fully into the war and the Humans need to try and “stay out of the way” I’m going to call it now that there will be some episodes of Humans being caught as “Casualties of War” because they didn’t get out of the way and the Volm just shrug, pointing in the direction of Brazil.

Also, are the Americans the ONLY HUMANS LEFT? They never really touch on what is going on in the rest of the planet, maybe that will be addressed in season 4. Which I honestly hope is the final season of the series. It’s one thing American television needs to start learning from how the BBC handles shows, is that they do END. Anything beyond a season 4 of Falling Skies, where the whole war should be resolved and I might not stick around for a season 5 unless TNT pulls some of that magic out of their hat that was the first two seasons of this show. Season 3 has been entertaining, but the story didn’t move that much further. The whole finding the Mole that was pretty much this whole season wore on for too long. I get that there are only 10 episodes (expanded to 12 episodes next season, is that a good thing?) I’m glad that at least Karen is dead, and now it seems that we’re going to be focusing on the what exactly will the Volm do next season. I’m excited, honestly. Falling Skies has been my favorite summer show in a very, very long time.

Brian West

I’ve always felt Falling Skies is at its best when telling a story about a small group of survivors fighting back against overwhelming odds. I really felt like Tom and Weaver echoed our own feelings about the show when and at the end of the finale, they decided to go back to just being the 2nd Mass. Becoming a small fighting force again should help Falling Skies keep season four much more focused. Season three’s attempt to tell a much larger story with a much larger cast of characters had its highs and lows. Many of the storylines felt unnecessary and most took way to long to resolve. The finale probably could’ve aired six episodes in and we wouldn’t have missed a thing. Hopefully with the addition of the volm army, Tom’s alien/human child, and seemingly going back to the small fighting force formula, we will get a much better season long story. Just please, NO MORE MOLES!!! I cant take any more season long who dunnit stories. Despite some of its shortcomings, Falling Skies is still one of my favorite shows to watch. The season always ends on a high note, and season three was no different. With so much story groundwork now laid, I can not wait to see what Falling Skies has in store for us next summer.


If you missed an episode or two from this season, or want to see Wil Wheaton talking to the cast after each episode, check out the 2nd Watch web exclusives on the official Falling Skies Website Until then, we’ll bring this back next summer, keep up the good fight ladies and gentlemen, season 4 should be a good ride.

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