A Brit Late: Orgazmo

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Original release date: 23rd October 1998

Lateness: 10 years (Wow, was not expecting it to be this old)

Orgazmo comes from the brains of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, co-creators of South Park. It’s a movie filled with crass humour, sexual innuendo, blasphemy and by no means is it a thinking man’s film, it is however, great brain-fart TV. If what you want is something funny to sit back, relax and enjoy this movie could be for you.

The story centres around Joe Young (Trey Parker), a strict Mormon who inadvertently gets himself cast in a porno whilst on mission in LA trying to convert people to his religion. As he goes door to door trying to “spread the good news” he knocks upon the door of Maxxx Orbison, interrupting a porno shoot. Maxxx sets his security on Joe, however Joe proceeds to kick some serious ass. Orbison invites Joe to be the new star in the movie thanks to his martial arts skills, and after thinking about it he takes the deal, even though it’s against his beliefs. The primary reason behind accepting is his need for money to give his fiancée the perfect wedding she dreams of.

Somehow Orgazmo makes it as a box office smash, not only in the world of pornography but in the world of mainstream movies topping the box office. Joe begins to worry and decides that’s it and he should head back to Utah, but he just can’t say no to a sum of money large enough to set his marriage up and allow them to buy a house. Unbeknown to Joe his fiancée arranges to come and surprise him, causing him to panic about hiding the films from her. A trip to the video rental store finally reveals Joe’s secret to her, causing her to run away. Joe attempts to quit the production and salvage his relationship but Orbison will not hear it, taking his fiancée hostage. Joe and his co-star Ben (Dian Bachar) must really become Orgazmo and Choda-Boy if they are to save the day.

Sure the cinematography and budget are basic, and the humour crude, but that is exactly what I expect from the creators of South Park. In the same way that the terrible animation adds to the charm of South Park, the low budget feel of Orgazmo does the same here. Let me just say that if you are a Trey Parker and Matt Stone fan then this is at least worth a rental, it’s the best movie that combines martial arts and porn industry spoofs that you will ever see.

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