A Brit Late: National Treasure: Book Of Secrets

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Release date: 21st December 2007

Lateness: Just under 11 months

If I had to sum up National Treasure: Book Of Secrets in one sentence it would be this. It’s a sad day when a rip off of the Indiana Jones series can be just as good as a new Indiana Jones film. (Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what Indiana Jones film I’m referencing) I didn’t really want to see this film, as while the first National Treasure wasn’t bad, it was nothing special. However a half-cut (drunk) individual wanted to watch this and would not take no for an answer so instead of getting into an argument, I sat down and watched it. Ironically, this individual fell asleep so I was the only one who actually watched the whole thing. Hit the jump for my impressions.

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets isn’t bad but it isn’t good either. It’s just…average. The film begins with a flashback sequence to the assassination of Abe Lincoln and the murder of Thomas Gates, who tries the burn the map to a secret city of gold before being shot. Then in the present Thomas is accused of being one of the plotters of the Lincoln assassination and it’s up to Ben Gates (Nicholas Cage) to prove his ancestor’s innocence and find the lost city of gold. And that’s about it really, it doesn’t progress much further than that. As for the villain of the film, he is hardly a villain. Unlike Sean Bean’s character in the first film, the villain in this film isn’t exactly an antagonist to Ben and his companions and they actually work together at the end. Actually, looking back to the first National Treasure, it’s sequel is pretty much a carbon copy. Nicholas Cage searching for precious artifacts? Check. Love interest? Check. A villain that isn’t really much of a villain? check. Sneaking into important buildings? Check. You could easily mistake this film for being the first National Treasure but with a different storyline.

That being said it’s certainly not terrible. Believe me, I’ve seen much worse. It’s definitely mind numbing, but I wasn’t exactly anticipating the end of the film. If there was one thing that was terrible, it would be the “car chase”. The camera cuts were horrible and there was little action at all. A car chase is meant to be exciting, not a scene that you wish would end already. Still, it can’t be any worse than Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull’s infamous vine swinging scene.

I’m not one for comparing but National Treasure: Book Of Secrets gave me the exact same feeling as Indiana Jones And The he Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull did. It’s not exactly going to make you puke but it leaves you with an empty feeling as you leave the cinema/go upstairs for a piss. But like I said in the beginning, a ripoff shouldn’t be as good as what it’s ripping off. (Bonus Level: It’s a shame that Nicholas Cage has been in a lot of meh films lately, he’s not a bad actor)
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