Ryan Thomason

A Bladerunner-type TV series?

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A 21st century cop hunts rogue artificial humanoids who have sneaked down to Earth.Yeah, that doesn’t sound like Blade Runner at all, oh, it’s produced by Ridley Scott too? Sold.

From what I’ve gathered the show is called The Sector. Depending on which version of the story that was found, the cop either hunts “rogue androids” or “genetically enhanced humans.” Either way, they’ve sneaked to Earth from some off-world colonies, and it’s the paramilitary police unit’s job to hunt them down.

The series is produced by Ridley Scott and his brother Tony, plus Criminal Minds showrunner Simon Mirren. Other executive producers are Anne Thomopoulos (Rome), Rola Bauer (The Pillars of the Earth), David W Zucker (The Good Wife) and Jonas Bauer (Impact). The pilot script was written by Aaron and Matthew Benay, two brothers who’ve also written an action movie for director Brad Bird called 1906.

What channel will be hosting this glorious attempt of a show? Cinemax. Wait, did I say that right? Maybe this is a soft core porn series? It’s not? Hmm, I didn’t know that the channel did anything else, apparently they are in a re-branding phase, at least you got this series right Cinemax.

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