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The 7th Sword #1- Sci-Fi meets Feudal Japan

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Fearless, strong and overall a general bad ass,  Daniel Cray is a man I can get behind!

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The 7th Sword #1
Writer: John Raffo
Artist: Nelson Blake II
Publisher: IDW
Release Date: April 23rd, 2014

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A lone tanker crosses an alien desert full of precious gasoline. In the distance a pack of androids cross the sands to over take the rig. A small group of humans protect the lone truck, but only one man will stand at the end. A man who can cut through a robotic torso in seconds, who survives a gas tanker explosion, a man named Daniel Cray. First off you wouldn’t think that this character is a main character at all. The story seems more centered on a pair of young siblings in the beginning. But when flame hits the gas tanker, Daniel Cray comes out on top. Rescued by a suspicious and very secretive secluded utopia, Daniel Cray becomes a protector against the Warlord Quentin Kavanaugh and his horde of monstrous clones.

This futuristic alien world has a quiet underlining tone of feudal Japanese themes that I find absolutely fantastic. With feuding lords and samurais, it will be interesting to see what other characters we’ll see. I’m hoping robot geishas myself. If you didn’t gather from the beginning of this article, Daniel Cray is 100% bad ass. I’m looking forward to seeing him beat up piles of bad guys in future issues.

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