7 Psychos #3

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You would be forgiven if, like me, you thought that Seven Psychopaths was a rip-off of last summer’s Inglorious Basterds.  In this three-issue mini-series, seven psychopaths are chosen during the Battle of Britain to parachute into Nazi Germany to assassinate Hitler.

However, it turns out this comic book predates that movie by two years:  It was originally published as a hardcover graphic novel in Europe, and now BOOM! has broken it up into three issues, the last issue of which is now out.

Seven Psychopaths was written by Fabien Vehlmann, a French comic book writer.  Sean Phillips is the artist.

I have to admit, I liked the third issue the best.  The beginning of the second book left me a little confused when it was describing the trouble in plane as they were being transported to Germany.  The art was a little hard to follow and I did not have the characters straight in my head.  My fault?  Maybe–there were, after all, seven psychos in the plane.

The third issue with its plot twists did a good job of finishing the story, however.   The total book itself did not ‘wow’ me:  It started slow in the first issue, but by the end I was entranced by the unfolding plot.  I do recommend this book.

I wish I could recommend this book in its original format.  We see too few European titles here in the US.  I remember being entranced as I wandered some bookstores in Europe while staring at all the gorgeous comic books they had for sell.  I found few super-heroes on those shelves.  This book indicates to me that some of that quality is still there.

Bottom Line $2.99/$3.99 (for the entire series)

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