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’68 Rule Of War #2: Jungle Blood

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Welcome back to the gruesome world of ’68, soldier!  Where the zombies you face just might be remote control ninjas!  Check your magazine and watch your back!

'68 Rule of War #2 cover via

’68 Rule of War #2 cover via

’68 Rule of War #2
Writer: Mark Kidwell
Artist: Jeff Zornow
Publisher: Image Comics

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Turning back the clock and taking us to Vietnam, the next issue in this series of retro-horror begins with a little bit more insight into the father/son relationship of the Rule family through an argument between the two.  Jumping ahead a few months in time, Declan Rule is still hunting for his missing son, and the Evil Dr. Morneau whose grotesque modifications to Nathan Rule have made him unrecognizable. But Nathan is still a man inside, and is anguished over his situation. Declan and his dog, Nero, accompanied by the reporter, engage the enemy VC as they test the modified zombie we saw at the close of the last issue.  Chaos ensues, bullets fly through the air, and so do some faces.

We revisit Yam and company in the airplane they commandeered last issue, as they argue over their situation and are desperately searching for resources and safety—their plane is losing fuel over the jungles of Vietnam. The crew decides on a refuel station, hoping there aren’t any Zeds. Down below we are shown some survivors. But their mental state could be at question.

We then are briefly taken stateside, to New Jersey, to show that some of our cast’s family members are still alive and will hopefully play a larger role as the story progresses.  Nero and Declan split up. With the dog now accompanying the reporter, Sellers, into the jungle, Declan decides it would easier to go it alone to find Dr. Morneau

This series likes to jump around a bit, with Kidwell giving us multiple groups of cast members to follow. Which is good, I think, because it gives you more characters to care about, and inevitably see die. The self-narrative continues in this issue, with Declan giving the series an actual feeling of a ‘Nam movie that’s suddenly taken a turn towards the horrific. Jeff Zornow has some good stuff in this issue. Plenty of bloody explosions, and bullets through heads is sure to please readers of a title like this. There’s even some stuff I didn’t expect, and hope you all enjoy as well. The only thing I didn’t get? I didn’t get the jumping zombie. That panel took me a minute to look at. Is the zombie getting bigger, or is it in the air? All said, it was a good second book for this mini-series. I’d still give this another three out of five heads too.

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