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Good Guy Vin Diesel Announces 3rd Chronicals of Riddick Game

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I love this guy, he doesn’t keep any secrets.

Ok I love him for other reasons, but the fact that he’s announced some great news for me and the geek community at large on social media and not made some trumped up press release means that his fans get news ahead of the curve…and that’s a great reason to love a celebrity. There’s that, and the fact he’s pretty hunky.

Mr. Diesel has announced that he’s getting the band back together for the third game in the Chronicals of Riddick series. A group of former Starbreeze Studios devolpers (the company that made the Xbox masterpiece Escape from Butcher Bay) alongside Tigon Studios, which is Diesel’s game development arm of his One Race Films company.

There haven’t been any firm release dates set yet nor has there been any definitive gameplay elements revealed, but just the news of a new Riddick game from Starbreeze made me excited enough to have to share.

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