Robert Chesley

5 Great Movie-Mentos Commercials

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While I spend my exile through Youtube, I thought I would share these 5 funny Mentos parody clips with you.

This first one is the one I thought was the best of all of them and the one I that gave me the idea in the first place. Star Wars clips are easily taken out of context when you switch around the music. But given that cheesy assault on the empire’s base on Endor, it was dying to be made into a commercial.

The next one is from Sam Rami’s Evil Dead. Where as you know Ash’s weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods was anything but ordinary.

Tony Montana knows when the going gets tough he should grab a mentos.

Now, this one is one I thought was the funniest of all of them. JCVD in the “Kickboxer”. All in a day’s work.

Rambo always knows how to get the final jump on his enemies. Even in crashed helicopters.

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