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Tron 3, confirmed for 2013. By Tron himself!

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Tron Legacy was a pretty decent success, and considering the interest that we at WPR had, in some of the extra footage that was included in the Bluray release, it’s awesome news to hear  Bruce Boxleitner confirm that it is ‘in the works,’ for a 2013 release.

We’ve talked about Tron Legacy to death; everything from the sound track, to the inclusion of Cilian Murphy in an un-named roll. The later, really was a dead give-away that Tron 3 (which I suspect will be titled as Tron: End of Line) was going to be a done deal.

Well, now a faithful fan, whom happened to be getting a signed autograph, has spoken confirmation from the mouth of the man who played Tron (the character) and Allan Bradley in both of the Tron films. Boxleitner goes on to say that “It is a done deal.” and that it will have a 2013 release date.

There will be much speculation here at WPR as to what the primary themes of the show will be, but my suspicions are that it is set sometime in the near future, when Dillinger has split from Encom to form his own company, and then manages to steal the remaining code for the Grid. In essence, rebooting the grid. But the grid was able to operate safely from Flynn’s personal server, because the server was offline to the rest of the net. Just imagine what could happen if the grid was allowed out into the real world.

Speculate away my friends, but I for one will be standing in line (metaphorically) for two years, waiting for its release.



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