47 years later, Fleming Estate orders Chitty Chitty Bang Bang sequel

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Either the Fleming Estate is somehow low on money despite the sheer amount of money they must make off the James Bond franchise, or they’ve just had a derp moment.Ian Fleming originally wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in 1964 as a bedtime story for his son, but now his family has asked novelist and screen writer Frank Cottrell Boyce to write three new books that take place after the original book. The first of these will come out in November. In the new books, a new family unknowingly put the engine from the original Chitty into their Volkswagen camper van, and that’s literally all we know.

Call me a cynic, but Chitty Chitty Bang Bang isn’t exactly a children’s book that needs a sequel. Okay, I’ve only watched the Dick Van Dyke tastic film version but it was very self contained and the ending wrapped up any loose ends. I suppose it’s a good thing that Boyce is starting with a new family but the idea of a sequel 47 years later seems totally pointless. I’m also worried that Hollywood will be watching. With the sheer amount of remakes these days, I’m very surprised they haven’t gotten their greedy hands on Chitty but if these books are successful and the market is there then it only seems like it would be a matter of time. It happened to Willy Wonka which is where I would put the film version with in terms of children’s classics. Who knows, maybe they will be good books for kids. The children of WPR could even give us a review.

Source: BBC News

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