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3rd ‘Hobbit’ Production Video has Killer Dwarf Action!

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Peter Jackson released his 3rd installment of his production diary, (BEARDS!) and man do we get to see some awesome stuff! (BEARDS!)

Yeah, we get a little taste of Gollom cave, and (BEARDS!) Andy Serkis in motion capture suit action. It’s just really cool to see, and then to to imagine how it will all look once the final edit (BEARDS!) has been cut.

The awesome part though (BEARDS!) was an extensive look at the Dwarves and talking with the cast (Who look not as cool without all the makeup and gear on. HA!) Just seeing all the Dwarves (BEARDS!) in movement was cool, especially the clip of them filming a battle scene. I hadn’t really watched the first to Production Diary’s but after seeing this one I’m going to have to backtrack to see what I missed. (BEARDS!)


Wait till the very, very end for a. “Hey it’s HIM!” moment before fade to black.


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