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Angry Birds Secret Level Reveal

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Unless you had the eyes of a robot, you might have missed the little Easter Egg contained within the commercial last night for Rio…a movie about a bird that can’t fly. Well the Easter Egg was for none other than a secret level within the Rovio game, Angry Birds.

We brought this up last week or so when Robert Chesley reported on it in our lead up to this weekend’s big game. If you watched the trailer closely, you can see the cryptic message on a crate in the background during one of the scenes on the trailer. All it says is 13-12 and has a picture of one of the surly avians looking at a golden egg.

Quickwitted people realized this to be World 13 Stage 12 in the game and it took some doing to figure out how to do…but you don’t have to take my word for it, just watch the video below.

For those of you that are video-retarded, here are the steps on how to unlock the golden egg level:

  • Go to 13-12
  • Get rid of the first bird any way you want
  • Launch the white bird backwards and drop its explosive egg onto the hill behind the staging area

Many thanks to Angry Birds Nest for the heads up!

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