Ryan Thomason

3 Ways to Get Your Amory Wars On Today

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See, Boom! Studios loves you, yes they do. Go to your local comic shop, and you can pick up your latest fix in three different ways.

First, if you are a complete newbie to the series, you have the $1, THE AMORY WARS: IN KEEPING SECRETS OF SILENT EARTH: 3 #1. This will give you that jumping in point at this section of the series.

Second, You can then buy vol. 1 of The Armory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 because any reputable comic shop should have some on hand, but starting today you can actually get VOL. 2 of the series.

Lastly, the latest issues happens to be out today also, which we’ve already REVIEWED.

Your Welcome. Now *Insert Amory Wars Quote here*. Hey, at least I spelled the name right this time guys, so please nobody threaten me with claw hammers to the back of the head this time, while chanting that I must be made to suffer!

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