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3 Things You Probably Didn’t know about Chris Pratt

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I don’t really have any opportunity to play this card with anybody famous, so. I’ll play this now. I went to Lake Stevens High School with Chris Pratt and yes, he’s genuinely that awesome of a guy ever since then. I was a wide eye’d freshman when he was a senior, a lot of us looked up to him. So, I thought it would be fun to just put some quick factoids about Chris Pratt the rising star of awesome up for you guys to know and give you a little perspective on him.

He was Valedictorian of his graduating class

Yes, elected by his peers he gave a speech that was actually a touching poem about the class of 1997 and their history leading up to graduation.


Of course, he was a jock

You don’t get to be Star Lord by sitting on the sidelines. He was a starting fullback/linebacker on the varsity football team, dominated his weight class on the best wrestling team in the state and threw the shot put/discus in Track and Field.

The school assemblies he was in were legendary

Of course he played the lead in high school assemblies put on by Leadership Class, there was always a theme and a show put on for the school. Everyone always compared school assemblies to the year he was in them, they could never match up. The most memorable was his playing Danny Zuko, singing and dancing around the gym in front of the entire school, it was pretty spectacular.

There you go, nothing fancy, just some simple knowledge for you guys to take with you. I’ll think about on anything else that pops into my head that are worth telling everyone about. He’s pretty much just a more evolved person from back then. How someone who was already awesome evolves into more awesome? I don’t know. But, everything is awesome when it comes to Chris Pratt.

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