Ryan Thomason

3 Deep: The Event

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Even though my wife skipped over the 2 hour premier episode, I realized that I could still catch it on my new smartphone. Now that I’m caught up what the hell has been going on Lost 2.0…I mean The Event.

One thing, Thomas isn’t shy to just start killing bitches, which is usually the downfall of bad guys. So when he’s freeing his people that had been secreted away for 66 years in a prison, and tells them to pick a side, he just murders the people who didn’t align with him you know he’s not screwing around. It’s nice to finally have a bad guy on a show that I’m watching who isn’t afraid to put a gun to someone and off them if they don’t do what he wants. Most of the time I’m rooting for him to just kill off the annoying ‘good guys’.

If V had been half as good about aliens and not knowing what their plans are for Earth and possible invasion scenarios it would have easily been renewed for a 3rd season. Just when the good guys think they caught one of Thomas’ lackeys, it turns out he’s been playing them all along. The dude RIPS OPEN one of the ugly radiated sores on his face and pulls out a hidden receiver to call Thomas. That’s dedication. They’ve definitely ramped up the action this season, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

The president is still a tool, he can’t seem to get anything done right, it doesn’t help that Thomas uses technology that makes the humans current stuff look like rocks and sticks. Him and his supposed cabinet just seem to always play into Thomas’ plan. Though, it seems like he’s finally decided to be all. “lol, I’m going to start using force on these guys that want to invade the planet and have been killing off tons of people.”

It’s wrong to call this Lost 2.0 anymore I think, because what they’ve done this season so far is drive a story that slowly unravels and gives you answers, instead of just leaving you with a big WTF hanging over you head every week. I’m glad this show is back, and The Cape is being flushed down the toilet, I would have been sad to see a good show get lost out to a crap superhero caper.

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