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28 Days Later #21 – Review

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I have to say, I intentionally haven’t touched a single issue of this book until this issue, and with that being said, I regret that, because this book is damn good.

This latest issue we find our two protagonists Clint and Selena headed towards London after being reunited with each other after the happenings in Manchester last issue (I couldn’t NOT go back and read the previous issue after all).

So, as Clint and Selena arrive in London and are under the protection of the U.S. Government, they learn that the entire green zone is completely rid of infected. It’s essentially a utopia compared to what they have been through, and that doesn’t sit well with Selena at all.

There is a ton of great storytelling this issue and that Michael Alan Nelson can write an entire issue without falling into the trappings of a Zombie Book, speaks volumes to the man’s ability to weave a story that exists because of the characters, not a story with characters. Believe me, there’s a difference.

The art for this issue is more of the rough and flat colored faire that I’ve come to expect in this type of book. I’m just glad to say that the colors for this book are a bit more cheerful thanks to the situation the two find themselves in.

STORY: 88%
ART: 90%

Overall the book works really well at getting us to the end of the Clint and Selena arc that’s been going on for so long and prepares us for the next arc in the storyline, mainly why Selena REALLY decided to come back to Great Britain…but like any good comic, they’re going to make us wait until the next issue to know for sure.

The bastards.

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