Ryan Thomason

28 Days Later #15

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Normally I don’t jump into something right in the middle, actually, I NEVER jump into anything without being fully caught up. So, why did I make an exception? Well, that is because in the world of comic books, I didn’t feel like waiting for a bunch of trades to get caught up. I liked the original movie that this comic is based off of, and figured that I could hop right in, because zombies is just killing zombies right?

It’s been a while since I saw the movie, but I’m not sure if these characters are from it or not. Nobody jumped out as familiar to me which was fine, because I did enjoy reading this comic. I liked the art, and the writing was good. I was sucked in at the beginning and before I knew it I was looking at the last page. I like the artwork that does, it doesn’t look sloppy and his zombies looked good. It starts out with a military guy who looks like he had been shooting a really big ass gun, and lots of dead zombies. Not bad so far. Since I don’t know what has been going on with this run, I had to do some guessing as to why there was a car chase next and who the people were, but honestly, I just kept reading and it didn’t matter. I think this is a comic that I will keep my eye on, and when I get a chance try to read some of the earlier copies so that I know what the heck is going on and how people got to where they are. I’ll get a little more into it, I love zombies, and well, I don’t think the 28 Days Later comic will fail me.

If zombies and the 28 Days Later series are your kind of bag, you owe it to yourself to at least give this comic a try, if you don’t fit either category, you should probably browse the other great books in the Boom catalog.

Score: $3.00/$3.99

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