Comic Panel at The Salty Horror Film Festival

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The Salty Horror Film Festival is hosting a comic creator panel tomorrow at Salt Lake City’s Main Public Library. Yours truly will have the honor to be taking questions as a panelist. If you’re unfamiliar with my comic book writing head on over to my blog and check it out. (

The other awesome panelists will be:
Ben Templesmith— Eisner Award nominee and creator of 30 Days of Night and Choker.
Jeff Vice— Movie critic for MSN and panelist for The Geek Show Podcast.
Loren Teryl— Filmmaker and critic.
Greg Gage— Owner of Black Cat Comics and panelist for Giant-Size Podcast.
The shebang will be moderated by Mario DeAngelis. He’s the guy responsible for putting the festival together.

That’s a good group of fellers to be on stage with. I’m looking forward to this one.

The Festival’s schedule page says that the panel starts at 2:00, but I’m assured by Greg that the actual start time is 3:00.

Again, that’s Salt Lake’s Main Library at 3:00 pm people!

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