Ryan Wilson

25 Days of Christmas (Carol): Day 25

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Finally the day has come for adaptation 25, and I chose to make this one extra special.  Before this experiment, I had seen maybe a total of 4 film adaptation of A Christmas Carol, and The Muppet Christmas Carol was always one I kept coming back to.  The blend of Michael Caine and an assortment of muppets makes for an extremely enjoyable story.  This is also probably the only version I’ve seen that featured Charles Dickens himself as a fourth wall breaking character (played hilarious by Gonzo).  I could sing its praises all day, it has fantastic musical numbers, charm, and visual effects.  But I’ll leave you with this: make sure this is on the list of movies you see before you die.  Its that good.

And so ends day 25.  Tune in tomorrow for a recap and epilogue to the entire experiment.  Crom bless us, everyone.

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