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25 Days of Christmas (Carol): Day 2

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Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983)

Day 2 brings a Disney short film adaptation of A Christmas Carol, titled Mickey’s Christmas Carol.  This 24 minute version moves at a breakneck pace, the intro credits being longer than most of the scenes.  They really blasted open the vault for this one, as they bring in as many old Disney characters as they can: Scrooge McDuck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Black Pete, Jiminy Cricket, and Willie the Giant to name a few.  While all played prominent roles in the story, none of them seemed to take a real character.  This was most obvious with Goofy as Marley.  Instead of being spooky, he’s as dumb and clumsy as ever tripping over an umbrella and on the stairs.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol is a fun little adaptation that has aged remarkably well.  While its not the most faithful to the Dickens story, its got a child-like charm that makes it hard to dislike.

2 movies down, but still 23 more versions to go.  Whether its film, a made-for-tv movie, or a very special episode, you request it and I’ll try to watch it.  Give your picks in the comments below or email me your suggestions.

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