Ryan Wilson

25 Days of Christmas (Carol): Day 15

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A Jetson Christmas CarolAdaptation 15 is A Jetson Christmas Carol, a TV adaptation starring Hanna Barbera’s “Flintstones in space”.  While keeping the basic plot points of A Christmas Carol, it seems to have completely neglected all its meaning.  Perhaps this is because everyone in the Jetson future is a greedy son of a bitch.  Though the story tries to pass off sprocket mogul Spacely as its Scrooge, the Jetson family themselves are equally as guilty.  Money is no object to any of them, spending it haphazardly and still desiring more.  Even precious little Elroy is a miser, when finding out that they cannot afford the guitar he at that moment just had to have states “we can make money the old fashioned way, we can borrow it”.

If The Jetsons is an accurate depiction of the future, then I say bring on the apocalypse.

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