Ryan Wilson

25 Days of Christmas (Carol): Day 14

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An American CarolStubbing your toe, eating a handful of bees, playing “got your nose” with a bear.  All of these are less painful than adaptation number 14, An American Carol, a parody film by director David Zucker.  Once responsible for such greats as Airplane!, Top Secret, and The Naked Gun, it’s sad to see a former great direct such crap.  Starring Kevin Farley (better known as “not Chris Farley”) as documentary filmmaker Michael Malone (Michael Moore), An American Carol takes the story of A Christmas Carol, switches the holiday to Independence Day, and gives it a hearty helping of radical conservatism.  Here’s a taste of the film’s nuggets of comedy:

  • Michael Moore is fat.
  • Documentaries aren’t real movies.
  • College professors are old hippies that brainwash students.
  • Liberals are idiots that don’t shower.

Zucker has seemed to forgotten the difference between parody and propaganda.  Parody should show stupidity wherever it can be found, with no boundaries, political or otherwise.  Instead, An American Carol comes off humorless and preachy.  Avoid at all costs!

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