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25 Days of Christmas (Carol): Day 12

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SCO's A Solstice Carol (1998)How I came to be in possession of adaptation 12, A Solstice Carol, was a complete fluke.  It was a 1998 theatrical production by a long forgotten Unix company, SCO (Santa Cruz Operation), known mainly for their versions of Xenix and UnixWare.  As a morale booster for their employees, the company would hold an annual Winter Solstice party with a live theatrical performance known as “SCO Follies”.  Uploaded on Youtube 2 years ago and with under 200 hits, I stumbled upon it during the beginning of this experiment.  I hesitated at first, knowing there were adaptations much more deserving of my attention at the time.  But now, roughly halfway through my journey, I decided to give it a chance.  What a stupid decision that was.

I could talk lengths about the numerous inside jokes and godawful song parodies (their Bohemian Rhapsody parody should be classified as a form of torture), but I’ll save you the pain.  Instead, I’ll talk about the cruel irony of it all.  Here was SCO, a company known for its laid back business attitude (company hot tub, anyone?), making jabs at the ever expanding Microsoft company, even addressing Bill Gates as “Emperor Gates”.  Even their Spirt of Solstice Future showed them struggling under the weight of Microsoft in the year 1908 (remember Y2K?).  If this was what would happen if their “Scrooge” didn’t change his ways, then they really mucked things up after that.  SCO barely made it into the new millenium, selling its flagship product off in 2001, then eventually filing for bankruptcy in 2007.

This 8 part Youtube series of videos exists as a cruel reminder to what once was.  As much as I want to rip on it, I just don’t have the heart to.  To those morbidly curious, I’ve provided part 1 below.

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