The Bulletproof Coffin #3

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The busty broad on the cover isn’t enough to get you to buy The Bulletproof Coffin #3?  Well then how can I convince you?

The creators/writers of The Bulletproof Coffin keep up the good work in this issue.  David Hyne and Shaky Kane (who is also the artist of the busty babe, and the inside as well) deliver another story that “just isn’t quite right.”

We get to see Steve become the Coffin Fly (what kind of superhero is that?) to battle dinosaurs and zombie ‘Nam vets.  He also gets to flirt with previously mentioned busty babe.

No creepy twins or strange wife this time though.  I am sure they will be back though, along with the suits with sunglasses.

With characters like that, how can you go wrong?
Also, did I mention the blond on the cover?  She is inside, too.

Bottom Line $3.99/$3.99

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