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Rise of the Eldrazi: A Buyer’s Guide

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I eat planets. So What? Who Cares?If you follow MTG for any period of time, there is always a rush of excitement when a new set comes out. Sometimes you are on the cutting edge and pick up cheap, future power house picks at prerelease events. [card]Tarmogoyf[/card] was a card that I luckily picked up three of them for five dollars each and as we know he is quickly becoming one of the most expensive cards to own and one of the best cards where ever he is legal.

I love whenever a new set comes out. That means we get a lot of new toys to try to squeeze into our old standbys. The major them of Rise of the Eldrazi are the humongous creatures that usually spell out “I win” if you are able to cast them. We also are being introduced to the new “level-up” mechanic. If you are familiar with RPGs than you know that it was just a matter of time before this made its way over to Magic. They are an interesting way to make your creatures better overtime without the use of external cards.

So, what products should you be buying when the set drops this Friday? Well, if you love cracking packs, than I suggest buying a booster box. They typically run between $84 and $90 each. They contain 36 boosters, some stores will even be giving away an exclusive promo if you buy from them. I typically stay away from these, because that money could be better spent buying a cards for a specific deck or just the singles you want from it. I also generally steer clear of the intro packs, however, they generally contain utility uncommons and commons that are essential to deck building. You have to know where to buy these at. I typically buy mine at Wal-Mart or Target. They usually never cost more than MSRP, and usually have a ton in stock.Typical Fat Pack.

Judging from, we can see that the only intro pack going for more than MSRP is “Leveler’s Glory”. The sole reason of this is because of the card [card]Student of Warfare[/card]. Which I must admit, I’m going to have track down a playset for my white deck. He comes into play turn one, as early as turn 2 you got a first striking 3/3 that they have to deal with. He doesn’t have any kind of evasion but you can apply some early pressure with him. The other intro packs seem to be hover around nine dollars or so, not worth us going to Wally World and buying them out of stock.

Wizards also produces Fat Packs with every new set release. I always love picking these up. They are not cost effective when it comes for “cards to price” ratio, but you do get a storage box, land, and dice. I don’t think these will fly off the shelves as quickly as the Zendikar or Worldwake sets did, only because those sets included some really nice “Full Art” basics that cost about a buck a piece at any game store. I would say buy one. I usually buy 2 just so I can get a sample of the set and some new boxes. I wish they would go back to including a novel in them like they used to, now they only include a sample chapter from the latest novel, but I understand why they don’t now.

What singles should you be looking out for. “Rise of the Eldrazi” is a “big” expansion, meant to be played as a stand alone product. Meaning themes and mechanics are worked in only in this set. You won’t see an expansion to Rise, as this is one of the twists they did on the block themes for this year. It is a shame we won’t see any of the really neat land matters themes like we did in Zendikar or Worldwake, but I’m excited to play with really big spells. When looking at singles, you have to realize that Magic now has 4 separate rarities, Mythic Rare, Rare, Uncommon, and Common. They changed this beginning with last block. The Mythic Rarity, generally denotes cards with huge game changing or game breaking effects, they usually don’t put utility cards at this rarity and they are about 1 per every 8 packs or so. Personally what I’m looking for out of Rise are any of the new planeswalkers. [card]Gideon Jura[/card] is the top card speculated out of the set. Planeswalkers are typically some of the most expensive cards in a set. They are almost always Mythic and have cool and interesting abilities.

Gideon is most powerful and expensive.

Some of the other cool cards are any of the huge Eldrazi creatures, namely, [card]Kozilek, Butcher of Truth[/card]. You get to draw the 4 cards regardless if he gets countered, so even if you don’t get to cast him on the field you’ll probably draw into something equally as awesome. [card]Vengevine[/card] is another one that is aggressively costed and well balanced beater. So if he gets bolted off the board early you can expect he’ll come around again later. Those are the “big 3” of the set so far. These cards are worth more than $15 each. So if you can come across them or get them in trades you can expect it to be well in your favor.

All in all there is a lot of interesting cards coming out of this set. With many more cards that I can list here without turning into rambling. I’ll do a Fat Pack unboxing when I purchase mine in the next week.

Robert Chesley has been playing Magic since 1997. He’s been an author at several Magic related websites including PureMTGO and CardShark. You can find Robert on MTGO under the user namer Urzishra14. You can also find him on twitter @urzishra.

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