127 Hours Too Long

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So last weekend my fiancée and I were trying to figure out what movie to watch at home. I wanted to watch Oblivion, but she had gotten 127 Hours. Immediately when she told me she got that movie I was like shoot me now. Nevertheless, I watched it with her; it was 127 minutes long…go figure. In honor of that movie, here is my recap, in 127 words…

220px-127_Hours_PosterThe movie starts off with a man going bike riding to a place he can go hiking. After a brief, yet kinda creepy encounter with some female hikers he takes them to a swimming hole; they go swimming. The girls eventually leave, but he continues hiking. Shortly after  he falls down a crevice and gets part of his arm stuck under a falling rock. He uses what supplies he has to keep himself alive while trying to get himself unstuck. Unfortunately for him and all of us, he remains stuck for 127 hours. During this time he records many of his thoughts and feelings…shoot me. After 127 hours of him losing his mind he decides to cut off part of his arm and runs to safety…the end.

So the problem isn’t the story, it’s actually an amazing story of survival. The things this guy does to keep himself alive are astonishing. And at the end of the movie when he is stumbling out of the canyon with his arm cut off, you feel awesome for him when he is taken to safety. The problem is just the movie is about 100 minutes too long. Five minutes into it I found myself on my phone looking at Facebook posts. I felt like any minute Maximus (Gladiator) was going to shout, “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED”, and I wasn’t. I’m not saying it wasn’t a good movie, because it was. Just not a movie to spend 127 minutes of dedicated attention to. I mean if you want watch it while playing X-Box, reading a book, spending time on Facebook, or as just a good backdrop to chore time, then by all means go for it. Otherwise, I feel that this movie will just bore you, like it did me.

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