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100 Months Gets eBook Treatment

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Last year, the final book from John Hicklenton titled 100 Months was released about 7 months after the much loved artist decided to nobly end his life after a ten year battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Now fans of digital books will get their chance to get the graphic novel on their eReaders.

Cutting Edge Press, a UK indie publisher, has decided to release an eBook version 100 Months that is much more than just a graphic novel. The digital version of the book will come with audio files of Johnny and writer Pat Mills as they talk about the work they did, concept art, and some unpublished drawings from Hicklenton’s unfinished novel Here’s Johnny.

If you’re an American who has no idea who this guy is, you might want to begin with the work he did on 2000 AD especially on Judge Dredd (especially Heavy Metal Dredd), and from the lesser known Nemesis the Warlock.

The eBook will be available from Kindle for $19.99. As the site’s eReader comic nerd, I’ll try to get this and get a review up as soon as I can. The guy’s artwork inspired so many artists in the UK and the US, it’s a shame he’s not with us anymore.

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