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10 Reasons YOU Should be Watching Stargate: Universe

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I’m making my debut into Top 10 lists/reasons here. This is a show that has me lock and key. I LOVE scifi, and this has been delivering for me on nearly every episode (‘Tick’ from season 1 is the only one that sucked so far) if you have Netflix, you need to get caught up. We’re only 3 episodes into the second season so it won’t take much of an effort to get caught up. If you must, just start from the beginning of season 2 and then watch the first season whenever you can. Yes, I’m pitching this show pretty hard to you, only because I think it is really that worth it to watch.

10) It is NOT like that dumb Stargate movie from 1994
Yes, I saw the movie when it came out when I was 12, I didn’t hate it, but it really didn’t connect with me. That is the reason why I skipped every other Stargate inspired TV show until a good friend of my convinced me to start watching Stargate: Universe during the first season last year. If there was a movie based off of this show, it’d be up there with Star Trek/Wars. Yeah, I went there.
9) Science Fiction at it’s finest
Come on, it has an awesome space ship that JUMPS BETWEEN GALAXIES with ease. Anywhere in the Universe is the literal term for where this show could go.
8) Lou Diamond Phillips
He is a badass, enough said.
7) Look, Acting!
SyFy is in my opinion doing to Science Fiction shows, what AMC’s Mad Men and Breaking Bad have done for drama. We’re getting high quality all around the table that isn’t on HBO or Showtime. If you want something that will really capture your attention, this show is it.
6) It is actually interesting
A ship that is older than when Humans first stood upright, Aliens that want to take said ship from Humans on board. Humans on board can’t navigate the ship which happens to be on a preset course where they don’t know the destination. Insert genius doctor who wants to keep all of the ships information to himself and is unwilling to share control. A leading military man willing to stuff a guy in an airlock and nearly kill him by slowly draining out the air supply to get information. There are tons more, why aren’t you watching already?
5) Aliens don’t suck
Honestly, you barely get to see aliens on this show, they are still….alien to humans who haven’t made full contact. They are really pissed off though and are reading to kick a door in while someone is on the toilet and kill them.
4) The ship is awesome
Destiny as the ship is called is something that was created by the Ancients, and unknown race of beings who got so technologically advanced they reached ascension. What they left behind is what the humans are trying to figure out how to use. If you want something that would probably take out the Death Star, or USS Enterprise without slowing down, this ship is probably it, and the Humans stuck aboard have no idea how to make full use of it yet.
3) Colonel Everett Young is quite a bad ass
He may not be Adama from Battlestar Galactica, but damn he is willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Lets see, so far he left the most knowledgeable man about Ancients and their codes/designs stranded on a planet because the guy had tried a coop on him. Suffocated a dieing soldier at the soldiers request because of the pain he was in…with his own hands. Stuffed Lou Diamond Phillips in a locked room and played, “How much air can you breath while it’s being sucked into space”. Used a communication stone on the ship to teleport his mind to earth so he could bang his wife using someone else body. He may not be flying around in his own little ship or leading bravado assaults, but the way he has tactically handled the crew and situation has been great to watch unfold.
2) You learn to love Dr Rush even though he’s a douchebag
Yes, he is holding all the cards that he finds on the ship to himself. He won’t let anybody know about the secrets he’s found. He’s an egotistical asshole who thinks he’s better than everyone else. He’d leave you on some shithole of a planet if it meant that he would get something that he wanted, without much of a blink. He’s still a great character, and worth rooting for.
1) SyFy won’t let you down (hopefully)
I’m just going to say, SyFy isn’t NBC or Fox, they don’t seem to need 12 to 20 million viewers every week. It looks like they are content in knowing that they are putting out a quality show that a million or two people watch. Granted those million or two of people are heavily devoted to the shows and are the ones who will be buying the DVD’s and extras, which probably makes up for the lost of huge numbers. If SyFy can stay the course, I don’t think it is too far fetched to say that they will be pulling in the kind of Emmys that AMC has been getting in the past couple of years for their shows.

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