Zombocalypse training: Burn Zombie Burn

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Burn Zombie Burn is an arcade style shooter hitting the PSN in the first quarter of 2009. After watching a couple of trailers and visiting the site I have to say I am well and truly intrigued. Check out the latest trailer showing a few different zombie types after the jump.

The developer, Double Six is built around members of the team that created the fantastic Geometry Wars: Galaxies and this next game looks to be just as addictive. The plot is as follows, you play an average guy Bruce, just looking to get it on with his girlfriend when a swarm of zombies show up in true B-movie style.

The graphics have a cutesy feel to them and the oversized weaponry combined with cheesy character models is just plain awesome. It looks to be a hilarious twist on the classic shooter, with various weapons at your disposal to obliterate the endless zombie hordes and of course the obligatory leaderboards to prove that you have a bigger e-penis than that guy halfway around the world that you know from the internet.

A game with such a ridiculous name needs a ridiculous assortment of weapons to go with it. The array of killing implements present in Burn Zombie Burn includes all the movie favourites: double barrel shotgun,  chainsaw and of course a Shaun of the Dead inspired cricket bat. The soundtrack seems like perfect music to splatter festering corpses to, a heavy dose of rock!

This Smash TV style zombie romp seems like it could be another to add to the slowly growing list of good games coming to the PSN. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.

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