Zombie Tuesday: Dead Rising 2 and Resi Darkside Chronicles Trailers

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Things seem to be going well for the living dead right now. The threat of Swine Flu is rising, which could still turn out to be a zombie virus (if it is, I’ve called it), 28 Months Later was pretty much confirmed this month and now in one day we’ve gotten trailers for both Dead Rising 2 and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Dead Rising 2 is the more exciting of two, showing off all of the new fun and returning weapons we can use against the zombies as well as the various locals of Las Vegas. We also get a better look at the character, who apparently is your typical American who also happens to be handy with a variety of weapons. Finally, a motorbike with two chainsaws attached. Bruce Campbell would be proud.  Darkside Chronicles on the other hand looks to be just as good as Umbrella Chronicles was, which was a fun but short title. Even so it’s still a kick in the teeth to those, me included or would have prefered an RE2 remake. It’s only made worse by this trailer which shows plenty of the characters and locations, all jacked up in the graphics department. The camera has changed a bit and other improvements can be seen but it still remains whether the game will be worth it if it only consists of RE2 and RE:CV scenarios Still it’s satisfied our hunger for zombies…at least for now.

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