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Zack Snyder Explains Why His Superman is More Realistic

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IO9 was able to get Snyder to talk about Superman at a Sucker Punch press junket (we would have done the same), take a look if you want to get a little more excited about the direction he is taking this Superman.

IO9:Sucker Punch is PG-13, but it could very easily be R-rated, and it’s very much in keeping with the violent, very stylized approach we’ve seen in your earlier films. How are you going to make that style work when it comes time to do Superman?

Snyder: Well I feel like what we’re trying to do is we’re going to make him as relevant as we can, as culturally relevant as we can, and I don’t know if that sort of big blue boy scout image… does he work today? That’s the question, and I’m not going to answer that here, but you sort of start to think about that and if that makes sense to a modern Superman.

IO9: Are you trying to fit Superman into your aesthetic, or change your approach to fit the Superman mythos?

Snyder: I feel like, I mean I’ve said to the studio that this will probably be the most realistic Superman movie ever made. It takes place in the real world much more than [my previous films]… I mean, I’ve just never had the subject matter that needed that, you know what I mean? Like everything I’ve done up to this point really has the benefit of existing in a stylized world. It’s fun for me that the most realistic movie, the movie that I’d say I’m making in the most realistic way of any movie I’ve ever done is a movie called Superman! That’s kinda fun!

IO9: So you’re working from what Christopher Nolan has done with the Batman movies?

Snyder: I wouldn’t say, “Oh, that’s what Chris did with Batman…”, but I’m just saying that makes sense to me for the character. Because I’d say that the thing that makes him real, and the thing that makes Superman awesome, is if you feel like he’s real, what makes him real is that he exists in a world that you can say, “Oh yeah, I’ve been to that grocery store, I’ve been to that.”

On Casting Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Supermans Parents:

Yeah, completely. I think the thing you realize when you look at Diane and Kevin, in our decision to cast them so far, you sort of get a sense of how tonally we’re looking at the movie, and what you realize is that those guys are serious actors, and we’re taking this shit fucking seriously in terms of the tone of having those guys. You’re talking about having a situation where whatever the action is or whatever the drama of the movie is, our first priority is to make sure it’s rendered in the most realistic way we can get at.

I’m more excited to see this movie after reading this, hopefully Snyder delivers us a more beleiveable Superman, like Nolan was able to do with Batman. Time will tell though, You can read the full interview SOURCE

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