You should be watching – Coupling

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On Netflix streaming is a little British gem named Coupling. As my good friend described it to me,
“It’s like Friends, but not stupid.” And yes, it is indeed “Not stupid.”

The story goes over the life and relations of 6 individuals. 3 are male and 3 are female, very much like friends. One face you may recognize is that of Jack Davenport (Norrington in Pirates of the Caribbean), who plays what I’d consider the male lead as Steve Taylor.
If this doesn’t sound appealing yet, let me give you a taste of one of the rants that Steve goes on after his girlfriend finds a porno in his flat called “Lesbian Spank Inferno”. He claims that it is not a pornographic film and is in fact a normal film with a hint of artistic nudity. Here is his rebuttal at the dinner table. (If you want to skip straight to the complete ranting, go to 4:24)

Another classic rant from Coupling is yet again in Steve’s lap. The reasoning for this one is when his girlfriend removed the lock from the bathroom causing one too many urinary mishaps.

For another good one, go look up his rant about couch cushions.

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